ACLU Donations #RESIST

ACLU Donations #RESIST

Like many of you out there, I’m horrified and deeply angered by the “President’s” latest attack: the Muslim ban. And just by the way, if you’re one of those people who somehow thinks this is a good thing, I implore you to read the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. This latest move isn’t American. It’s everything we stand against. Or at least we used to.

Let me get to the point of this post. From now until the lift of the ban and freedom of Muslims and immigrants in this country, Skye Todd Makeup Artistry is donating 10% of the $150 (my normal rate) to the ACLU. You can request that this donation be made in your name or someone else’s, it really doesn’t matter. The point is, this is something I can do to help. I’m going to give as much as I can. I hope you will too.

Please help me fight this fight. I know I’m not alone. We have more to give than we realize.

Let’s do this!





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