Miss Nationwide 2015 – LIVE

Miss Nationwide 2015 – LIVE

missIf you have been following my social media lately, you might have seen that I am the official makeup artistry sponsor for the FIRST EVER LIVE Miss Nationwide National Pageant at the Westin Memorial City Mall Hotel in Houston, Texas, June 12-14! I cannot wait to meet all of the amazing young women vying for the title! They all deserve to win!

Since not many people know about the Miss Nationwide system, I thought I’d go over the areas of competition and scoring. In case you are wondering, THERE IS NO LIFESTYLE AND FITNESS! NO SWIMSUIT! (Cue collective sigh of relief.) The most important area of competition is private interview. The girls will have a one-on-one interview with a panel of 5-7 judges, and will be judged on “personality, poise, communication skills, charisma, confidence, and overall style and presentation.” This accounts for 40% of their score.

The next phase of competition is Personal Style and Expression. The girls are instructed to think runway and fashion, and to show their personality to the full extent. (SASS comes to mind…) Marks will be given on “modeling, confidence, style, and stage presence.” This makes up 25% of their score.

Next comes everyone’s favorite part of the competition: evening gown. As with most pageant systems, all evening gowns must be floor length, and should show off each contestant’s personality while also showcasing them perfectly. The contestants will be judged on “beauty, grace, charisma and stage presence.” I hope you ladies have been practicing your beauty walks with a book on your head! This part of the competition counts as 25% of their score.

missThe last phase of competition is On-Stage Platform Statement and Question. The girls will be given 90 seconds to speak about their platform (for any pageant newbies, a platform is a cause or charity the girls either start or support), and then they will be asked not one, but TWO questions regarding their platform. (SO much easier than onstage question in the Miss America system!) The girls will be judged on “passion, personality, articulation, charisma, confidence, and the ability to engage an audience and think on her feet.” This phase of competition makes up 10% of their score.

Aside from winning the actual pageant, there is a People’s Choice Award being given out, and you need to go HERE to vote for your favorite contestant! It’s easy, and you can help someone’s future!

I’ve been following this pageant system for about two years now on Facebook, and I love them! I feel incredibly honored to get to work with them and do makeup for the contestants and the new Miss Nationwide 2015! Maybe we can make it a tradition, huh? See you at Miss Nationwide 2015!!!

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Resource: www.missnationwide.com

All photos in article courtesy of Miss Nationwide Pageant LLC.

Featured image courtesy of Scott Johnson Design.