Review: Maybelline Brow Drama

Review: Maybelline Brow Drama

MaybellineYou guys would not believe how hard it has been to get my hands on this product. I searched all of my local stores, and Walgreens had one tube left, in the wrong color. I finally had to order it from, and since Maybelline doesn’t have a Brow Drama in Auburn, I ordered blonde. And, as luck would have it, that shade matches my brows perfectly.

It does shape and hold the brows rather nicely. I mean, they’re not cement brows, but they’re not Einstein-flying-everywhere-brows either. I’d say it’s a very good brow gel. It’s certainly a lot better than that awful Maybelline GreatLash clear brow gel. That’s just a farce. Haven’t tried the GreatLash one? Yeah don’t bother. I’d say get the Brow Drama instead.

From left to right: blonde, soft brown, dark brown.

Now, about the colors. It only comes in three colors. And while those three colors are blonde, soft brown, and deep brown, and blonde is green based, soft brown is red based, and deep brown is choclatey, they’re all still… how should I put it… oh, I know! BROWN. THEY’RE ALL STILL BROWN. Varying shades of brown. While I think most darker blondes could get away with the blonde shade, I’m still worried that the soft brown shade might be too dark for those in between blonde and nearly black. And it might not be red enough for redheads. For normal people, not putting red in the brow is a good thing. FOR REDHEADS, I DO BELIEVE IT’S RATHER NECESSARY. Seems to me that if one is born with red hairs on ones face you should fill them in with-NO NOT TAUPE- red. So, my dearest Maybelline, I do believe you have a few colors to add.Maybelline

As far as the funky brush thing goes, I haven’t really had trouble with it. I think those with very thin brows might. To brush the tail of my brows with the strange wand, I tilt it until the flat part of the brush is touch the tail of my brow and then drag it through a bit. Then I use the tip to get around the edges.

All in all I think it’s a very good colored brow gel for the drug store, since it seems to be the pioneer. At only $7.99 it’s really not bad. The only trouble is finding it!