Updated Skincare Routine

Updated Skincare Routine

Olay Fresh Effects powered contour cleansing brush.

Hi y’all! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I hope no one had to stuff the turkey with Xanax!

Anyway, I decided it was time to update my skincare routine. I had covered it in my “Caring for Oily Skin” post, but since I wrote that, my skin decided to break out like crazy, so I had to change some of my products.

The first thing I do (this is my evening routine, by the way) is while the water is warming up, which takes forever during the winter, I take a small spray bottle full of isopropyl alcohol and spray the brush head of my Olay Fresh Effects facial brush (which I still use with my Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating cleanser). I didn’t always do this, but when an army of small bumps became entrenched across my forehead shortly after using the brush again, I realized that without sterilizing it before washing my face, I was basically smearing bacteria all over my skin, and Benzoyl Peroxide can only do so much. Since I’ve started spraying the brush before washing my face, my acne has diminished significantly. Oh, and here’s another thing you should know about facial brushes: if you’re pressing hard enough to splay the bristles, whether they’re brush bristles or those funky rubber ones, YOU’RE PRESSING TOO HARD. The brush just barely needs to touch your face to do it’s job. When you press harder, you don’t let the brush do the work.

Next I use a tiny bit of the Clearasil Superfruit toner, and trust me, you really do only need a dime size at most, otherwise that stuff will knock you on your ass. But when you use the proper amount it delivers the perfect dose of Salicylic Acid into your pores. Just remember, as with any face product, if there’s a quick sting, that’s ok. If there is any prolonged burning or tingling, MAYDAY MAYDAY ABORT. Tingling is not a good thing. Tingling is your skin’s way of telling you HEY THAT REALLY HURTS GET IT OFF. (Oh, and just a quick side note, because it drives me nuts: when companies say that menthol in a product is “refreshing”, it’s bullshit. Menthol is among the top skin irritants, and especially should not be used on the face.)

routineAnd finally, now that I’ve finally gotten that rant off my chest, I moisturize. For those A+ students who read my Oily Skin post, you’ll remember when I said that putting oil on oily skin was a good thing. And here’s the proof. I’ve been using my L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal facial oil every night for over a month and my skin has been loving it. Where I used to have to use two lotions to feel like I had moisturized enough, I now only need this super refined oil. And yes, it’s $30, but if you’re like me, you rack up those Walgreens points until you don’t have to pay a cent for it. I rub a few drops between my fingers for my forehead, and then another few drops for the rest of my face. It’s fantastic!

And that’s it really. I just slather on my Malin+Goetz lip moisturizer and then it’s lights out. Night y’all!