Pageant Must Haves

Pageant Must Haves

Whether you’re competing in a pageant yourself, or you’re doing hair or makeup for a pageant contestant, here is a list of things I find are must-haves for pageant days. And when I don’t have one of these things and need it, I die a little inside.

1. Safety pins and Bobby pins. If you don’t have them, you will inevitably need them. That’s just how the universe works.

2. SOHO Beauty makeup blending sponge. A foundation brush can do the job, but it will NEVER look as flawless as it will with a blending sponge. Get it wet, ring it out, and blend your foundation, cream contour, and highlight to perfection.

3. False lashes of choice. Because DUH.

4. Hairspray, dry-shampoo, and L’Oreal High Lift Creation spray. Because it wouldn’t be a pageant unless we depleted the ozone.

5. Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs leg makeup. You can buy the spray kind, but i personally prefer the cream version. And the light shade is pretty dark to begin with, so you may not need to get the medium one unless you are quite tan. And it wont rub off on your clothes. It wont come completely off without soap.

6. Sally Hansen Airbrush Shimmer. This is a pageant. You need to glow.

7. L’Oreal Magic Lumi light infusing primer. Do not be afraid. This stuff really is magic.

8. Lip gloss. Whether it matches your lipstick or its just a clear one, this will keep your lips from falling flat under the lights.

9. Baby wipes, or makeup wipes. In case you need to clean your hands or you make a makeup booboo. Just an all-around necessity.

10. Q tips. Whether they’re the regular ones or the pointed precision ones. Tiny, mighty little wonders.

11. A button-down shirt or a tube/tank top, so that you can take it off easily after your hair and makeup is done and nothing gets smudged or messed up.

12. A travel sewing kit. The last thing you want is to lose sequins or have a hook or zipper malfunction. And if your clasp on your necklace breaks, tie it on with thread. You don’t want to go onstage without your crown jewels.

13. Nail glue. If you’re wearing acrylics and one pops off, be sure to glue that sucker back on. Going onstage with a nail missing isn’t cute. And no, you cant just claim it’s an accent nail.

14. Makeup setting spray. You might hate it, but if it’s a big pageant and you have events all day, it really will keep your makeup flawless much longer. I always keep the Nyx matte finish setting spray in my kit. With it, I barely have to do any touch ups the rest of the day.

I’ve been to a lot of pageants, and these are the things that my clients end up needing the most. And the last thing you want on pageant day is a dose of Pageant Karma: if you didn’t bring it, you will end up needing it in the worst way. Trust me, Pageant Karma is a bitch. Hopefully this list will save you from the agony of it.

Keep calm and wow those judges, ladies!