Makeup Kit Must Haves

Makeup Kit Must Haves

I asked on Facebook what topics I should cover this week, and my friend Liz asked for my kit must-haves. My first thought was, “that’s going to be an awfully long list…”, but then I started going through it, and realized it might not be as long as I thought it would be. I guess we’ll find out!

1. Baby wipes. Go ahead and laugh. But guess who’s got you covered the next time you need one? That’s right. Me. The last time I found myself without my Huggies was on the 12th. Of NEVER.

2. SOHO Beauty Sponge. If you’ve been here a while you’ll know that I love these things. I wrote a whole blog post on it.

3. Q-tips. You know, those nifty little pointy ones. If I could buy them by the truckload, I would. Where I would store them, I have no idea.

4. Six-well Artist mixing palette. I got a tin one from the craft store and use it to custom mix my client’s foundation shade. And it’s great for any other cream or liquid product that you’re trying to keep hygienic.

5. Enkore Makeup brush soap bar. I don’t carry this around with me, but I wanted to include it, because it has cut down my brush cleaning time and it’s just convenient. It’s only $10 and you’re supporting small business. Win-win.

6. Aquaphor. Because chapped lips aren’t cute.

7. Teeny-weeny scissors. From cutting eyelashes to trimming errant threads from a pageant gown, they’re just necessary.

8. Duo eyelash adhesive, both the squeezy tube and the brush-on. I mainly use the traditional one in the squeezy tube for application, but I like the brush-on version to put a little extra glue on the ends of stubborn lash bands that don’t want to stick after I’ve applied them.

9. Bottom lash mascara wands. I know what you’re thinking: a mascara wand is a mascara wand. To which I reply: you have been voted off the island. These are so much easier! And I don’t accidentally get mascara on my client’s cheek.

10. On-the-spot brush cleaner. I buy the big bottle of it from BH Cosmetics and then pour it into a smaller travel size bottle that fits in my brush belt. It gets most of the pigment out and sanitizes the brush, so I can go from one thing to the next very quickly.

I’m sure if I went and rummaged through my kit downstairs I could find something else to add to the list, but honestly, this really is the main list of things I cant do without. Of course, makeup products I use will have to be in another post. That list might get a little crazy. But, for now, I hope y’all enjoyed this and found it helpful! Goodnight!


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